Municipal Election: June 4, 2013

The Janet Goeske Foundation strives to keep our community supporters informed about important issues affecting our local senior community and the services that we offer the senior population. The Municipal Election to be held on June 4th contains two ballot items that may influence future operations at the Janet Goeske Senior Center. It is our goal to provide you with access to the information you need to make an informed decision.

Please follow the link for Election Information and/or to find your Ballot Drop-Off Location.

Measure A

Measure A approves the transfer of water fund revenue into the City’s General Fund. This money is used to support local quality of life services such as: tree-trimming, crossing guards, after-school programs, free city-wide wifi, senior/disabled services and much more. Voters have approved this funds transfer three times before in 1907, 1968 and 1977. The measure requires annual independent financial audits, public review of expenditures and ensures that all funds remain local.

Voting YES on Measure A:

Means that you support the continued transfer of water fund revenue into the City’s General Fund. These funds will continue to support the local city services that residents have been receiving for years. Voting yes will not increase your water rates, fees or taxes.

Voting NO on Measure A:

Means you prefer that 100% of water fund revenue remains with the publicly-owned water utility, reducing the City’s General Fund by approximately $6.7 million per year, resulting in budget cuts to some local services. Voting no will not decrease your water rates, fees, or taxes.

Earlier this week the City of Riverside distributed a Press Release entitled “Voters’ decision on Measure A to affect essential City services”. It states that if Measure A does not pass, the City will need to cut approximately $6.7 million from quality of life services such as the 311 call-center, senior/disabled services, animal control, graffiti abatement, crossing guards, etc. The release outlines a list of “Proposed Cuts” (including $189,000 in support for the Janet Goeske Center) that would take effect on July 1st. 

Please follow the link to read the full Press Release and/or view the PowerPoint Slides detailing proposed program cuts, that were presented to the City Council on May 7th.

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