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Coloring 4 Adults provides stress reduction, socialization, and an introduction to art for older adults age 50+. Program meets weekly and is free to all attendees.


Coloring 4 Adults is a leisure/social activity that is very popular right now. JGF has begun a weekly meet-up for coloring enthusiasts to get together and experience the nostalgia of coloring books. Participants have a variety of coloring books/pages to choose from with varying levels of complexity. A wide selection of coloring “tools” is also made available including: colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and crayons. From time-to-time picture frames may be provided, so that participants can gift their family and friends one-of-a-kind art pieces. How much more special would your child or grandchild’s “refrigerator art” be with grandma and grandpa’s hanging nearby?



Studies have shown that coloring can reduce stress/anxiety and improve well-being in much the same was as meditation. In addition, Psychology Today writes that feelings of nostalgia work like a “fountain of youth” because they help people feel younger and remain “young at heart”.

Coloring 4 Adults is a great activity because it can be enjoyed by everyone – more skilled seniors can focus on complex patterns and designs while those with less dexterity or cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s or dementia) can work with larger/simpler designs. Coloring requires no special skill-set, so it is great for those who want to experience the benefits associated with being artistic and creative but may consider themselves “artistically challenged”.

In some cases, this “safe” exposure to art may inspire participants to learn more about art and/or try their hand at more challenging art classes. At the very least, we will succeed at helping participants de-stress and feel younger.

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